Pranima presents the international summer camp WOW 24.

Within the trilogy WOW we’ll make another fantastic journey through Lisbon, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen Stockholm, Brussels, and also through Aouza, ending the camp in Lisbon and aso the parks of Disneyland, Europa Park and Futuroscope and Lego Lalandia aquatic park.

We believe in a summer camp where mountains, cities and beaches can be part of a fantastic journey. This is another project to “Conquest Europe”.

The project Small World aims to familiarize young people with the european cities, culture, art and history, and to develop an european culture on them. We intend to promote a different summer camp concept, in a multicultural and joyful environment, that allows participants also to improve their english skills.

We don’t visit cities on a conventional touristic tour. Each city is discovered through games and scavenger’s hunt, providing  earning opportunities to develop social skills. We promote the learning of new cultures and languages, through interaction with local people, visiting emblematic sites and discovering the little secrets of those cities.

All Pranima’s summer camps lay on three pillars: animation, planning and security.

Go where your imagination takes you and find out …;)

Please check more information from WOW 24