Pranima is a non-profit private Association founded in 1989. In these 27 years we have been invested in creating several programs for children and young adults, and in developing associative life.

Our headquarters are in the Lisbon Downtown area, and we have delegations in Coimbra and Oporto, as well as regional delegations in Madeira and the Azores. Pranima has a new board of directors with 5 members, dynamic and driven to promote associative life, with the experience of having successfully guided the Association in the last years. The association has around 330 monitors/animators from all areas of the country (including the islands of Madeira and Azores). All our monitors/animators have specific training promoted by our organization and frequently participate in updating training actions, in addition to the socializing events that strengthen our bonds over the years.

Our experience has a broad spectrum, such as:

  • Holiday Camps / “Summer” Camps / Camps;
  • Special needs Camps (for children and young adults with special needs);
  • Street and neighborhood entertainment/animation;
  • Community intervention activities;
  •  Exchange programs, national and international work camps;
  • Training actions, both specific and of general interest;
  • Occupational training for young people, both formal and informal;
  • Training for Trainers – Training of Instructors;
  • Consultancy services for projects, companies and events.

The number of children and youngsters that frequent our Camps validate our experience and quality. We totaled around 700 annual participants from all over the country in our holiday camps and activities throughout the year.

Most participants start at age 6 in our holiday camp programs at Pranima, being repeat customers and proving their preference for our association, participating in all our Camps available until they turn 18 years of age, when they choose to enroll in our Training  for Trainers program, demonstrating their trust and motivation in Pranima.

In these last years the Association has organized Holiday Camps for the following entities:

  • CGD
  • BES
  • BPI
  • SMAS Sintra
  • Centro Regional Segurança Social Mafra – (Mafra regional social security center)
  • Câmara Municipal de Cascais – (Cascais Municipality)
  • Metropolitano de Lisboa

The Portuguese Youth Institute – Instituto Português da Juventude (IPJ) – has entitled us with our registry number 108/DRLVT on 27/06/2012, having our Association complied with all quality and safety requirements for all our activities.

We also organize activities and Camps in Madeira, the Azores and in Europe, with the highest quality standards, multiple activities and permanent monitoring/animation.