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School is out. Sunny summer vacation has started, full of energy and fun activities with our friends of old and new. It’s intense days at the pool, sports days, days that we learn about our culture, our traditions, horse-riding, canoeing, lasertag, singing, excitement. So many daily choices and fun. Day camps are the best things our vacations have. It is time.

This Day Camp has an open program of activities, in the morning and afternoon, where kids from 6 to 14 years olds have educational experiences, in the greater Lisbon region. It’s comprised of multi-disciplinary activities with an upbeat rhythm and constant safety.

The camp has several pickup / drop-off points in Lisbon (Av. João XXI, Av. 5 de Outubro, Restelo), Queluz and Amadora, or other points that prove useful.

The concept for this camp is to be versatile and dynamic throughout several weeks, as to provide the kids with diverse spaces and activities.

This Camp has been a part of our Association for more than 17 years, with tremendous success, providing youngsters constant daily fun without sleeping over. Every single day is an adventure. This year we will introduce new cultural, musical and sports activities as to further enrich our already activity-packed program that grows and expands the mind and body of our participants.

Allow yourself to experience fulfilling activities this Summer.


Kids from 6 to 14 years old.

Minimum 20 participants. Maximum 60 participants.


Several shifts through June and September, between 08h00 and 17h00 on working days (Monday-Friday).

Dates / Shifts: 

  • 1º Turno: 01/07 a 05/07
  • 2º Turno: 08/07 a 12/07
  • 3º Turno: 15/07 a 19/07
  • 4º Turno: 22/07 a 26/07
  • 5º Turno: 29/07 a 02/08
  • 6º Turno: 05/08 a 09/08
  • 7º Turno:12/08 a 16/08
  • 8º Turno: 19/08 a 23/08
  • 9º Turno: 26/08 a 30/08 (Closing party)

Age Group: 6 to 14 years Capacity: max.: 60; min.: 20


We contract a bus to every days of the week/shift.

We have Pick-up / Drop-off in several places within Lisbon:

  • Av. João XXI;
  • Av. 5 de Outubro;
  • Restelo;
  • Queluz;
  • Amadora;

And other locations that prove useful.


All participants will be given 3 meals: morning snac, lunch, afternoon snac;

Meals will be provided by a catering company, supplied in individually sealed meals with high quality standards. Occasionally we may need to resort to restaurants, when the activity demands it;

All pedagogical teams from Pranima are instructed by our own nutritionist regarding meals given to our participants, in order to nourish our participants throughout our Camps.


Each shift in the Lisbon Day Camp has the duration of one week (five working days);

The number of participants will vary from 20 to 60;

Groups of 6 to 8 participants will be formed according to age;

The pedagogical team will be comprised of one shift coordinator and one monitor responsible for each group;

The pedagogical team will be selected by the General Coordination Group for the Lisbon Day Camp and the Board of Directors, tailored to fit the participants and activities to be developed.

Proposed activities:

  • Trips to locations of cultural and historical significance;
  • Trips to locations with educational value;
  • Sports and leisure activities;
  • Water related activities (swimming pool);
  • Pedestrian trails;
  • Orientation games;
  • Track and field activities;
  • Socio-cultural activities;
  • Artistic expression workshops;
  • Theatrical and musical workshops;
  • Themed workshops: circus, theater, video, computers, agriculture, ecology and others;
  • Interactive trips to TV and Radio stations, newsrooms and newspapers, military bases (air force and navy);
  • 1 night of Camping (optional) for all even (2, 4, 6, 8, 10) shifts in the PNEC – Parque nacional de escuteiros (Scouts National Park)– in Costa da Caparica;
  • Party with the parents/guardians on the last day of each shift. With all participants in all shifts and respective parents/guardians.

Note: The activities proposed above are dependent on factors beyond our control, such as weather conditions and other impediments. They shall be promptly replaced with activities of a similar nature and impact. Other activities not listed may also be included, when adequate for the group of participants.

Camping (optional)

As to provide new activities for the children, Pranima has developed a new optional program, to be held in the evening of Thursday to Friday, without any extra costs, at the Lisbon Day Camp.

This activity will allow all children to integrate gradually and dynamically in the spirit of an Overnight Camp, promoting autonomy and responsibility in each participant, as well as a different contact with nature, a new adventure that allows them to explore other activities and personal capabilities.

The PNEC Costa da Caparica – Scouts National Park – is the most suited place for this experience, as the whole Park has been developed to provide a great Camping experience for children and youngsters.

  • It is a familiar place for most children;
  • It is a fenced park with good illumination;
  • The park possesses all the needed facilities;
  • It is inserted in a green wooded area;
  • Location is close to several major utilities, as Hospitals, health centers and urban commodities in case of need;
  • Meals will be added – dinner and late supper – to the existing meal schedule. In case you choose to opt out of the Camping (overnight) activity, the day will have the regular schedule as posted, and will have normal Day camp activities and services as scheduled.

Specific Goals:

  • To provide leisure, fun moments;
  • Occupational activities for children / youngsters, giving them unforgettable summer vacations;
  • To stimulate kids with cultural and sports activities;
  • To offer participants the possibility to explore a wide range of activities in the greater Lisbon and Setubal area, always in a playful activity;
  • Developing human relationships based on solidarity between participants;
  • To captivate and raise awareness of cultural and environmental activities;
  • To develop artistic expression, drama and musical sensitivities;
  • To showcase places of historical and cultural relevance;
  • To create awareness and care for the Historical and natural Heritage of Portugal.


The price for this activity is 240€ per participant with the possibility of paying until 5 months

Payments methods accepted are bank transfer and bank checks endorsed to Pranima.

Enrollment should be done in Online Enrollment

For more information please contact us:

Pranima General number: +351 213 420 904

Pranima Email:

Pranima WebSite:

General Coordination: João Rodrigues

João Mobile Phone: +351 912 747 126





Camper Information:

Shift (Campo obrigatório):
 1º Shift : 26/06 a 30/06
 2º Shift : 03/07 a 07/07
 3º Shift : 10/07 a 14/07
 4º Shift : 17/07 a 21/07
 5º Shift : 24/07 a 28/07
 6º Shift : 31/07 a 04/08
 7º Shift : 07/08 a 11/08
 8º Shift : 14/08 a 18/08
 9º Shift : 21/08 a 25/08
 10º Shift : 28/08 a 01/09

Pick up / Drop Down(Campo obrigatório)
 João XXI ( sede CGD ) Restelo ( Junto ao CIF ) Amadora ( Jardim Delfim Guimarães) Queluz ( Mc Donalds nos 4 Caminhos)

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