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Pranima has partnered with Quinta da Escola (School Farm). About one hour away from Lisbon, in an Environmental Educational Center located in the Serras de Aire e Candeeiros National Park, we will be developing several activities that allow kids from 6 to 17 years of age to have a direct contat with nature.

Why not rappel in a cave? Or climb a natural wall in a safe way? How about a Slide in the middle of the Serra de Aire e do Candeeiro Natural Park, or a BTT ride in a planned course.

The greatest advantage is the fact that this Ecological Center is in the midst of a lush Natural Park, making it possible to enjoy nature and be a part of a wide range of activities that will make these vacations a collection of unforgettable moments.

The Campsite has it’s own swimming pool and we will also enjoy the Alviela River in order to develop our aquatic activities in the safety that this river beach provides.

This Camp will have 7-day shifts that allow us to have an intense educational program that allows parents to coordinate their own vacations’ beginning or end.


Kids from 7 to 18 years old.

Minimum 20 participants. Maximum 60 participants.

Schedule / Shifts

  • 1º Turno: 01/07 a 05/07
  • 2º Turno: 08/07 a 12/07
  • 3º Turno: 15/07 a 19/07
  • 4º Turno: 22/07 a 26/07
  • 5º Turno: 29/07 a 02/08
  • 6º Turno: 05/08 a 09/08
  • 7º Turno:12/08 a 16/08
  • 8º Turno: 19/08 a 23/08
  • 9º Turno: 26/08 a 30/08 (Festa Final)


Transport will be done mostly by bicycle, and by Bus/Train From Lisbon.

Pranima will handle all transport logistics.


Lodging will be the Quinta da Escola (School Farm), in specifically designed dormitories for kids.

Quinta da Escola, a place with great tradition in organizing Camps, is fully equipped with everything needed for an excellent Camp experience.


All participants will have six meals: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and supper.

Meals will be in restaurants, cantinas, or cooked by certified professionals in the Camps certified kitchen, with utmost quality (stemming from previous year’s experience) and with detailed care as to provide a balanced set of meals for youngsters. Participants will also be encouraged to engage in cooking some meals, namely barbecues and picnics, always under the supporting eye of the pedagogical team.


Each shift in the Summer on Farm has the duration of one week (seven working days);

The number of participants will vary from 20 to 60;

Groups of 6 to 8 participants will be formed according to age;

The pedagogical team will be comprised of one shift coordinator and one monitor responsible for each group;

The pedagogical team will be selected by the General Coordination Group for the Lisbon Day Camp and the Board of Directors, tailored to fit the participants and activities to be developed.

Proposed Activities:

  • Track and Field;
  • Volley, Football and beach handball (or are they all BEACH?)
  • Horseback riding;
  • Educational Farm;
  • Night games;
  • Water games in the Swimming Pool (with lifeguard?);
  • Evening entertainment;
  • Scavenger Hunts;
  • Swimming Pool activities (with lifeguard)
  • Sports/extreme sports activities: BTT, rappel, climbing, games, etc.;
  • Cultural activities: exhibits, local musical and dance traditions;
  • Field trips to local relevant places.
  • Photography excursions / Photo tours.
  • Camping

Note 1: all will be done in a summer camp spirit.

Note 2: The activities proposed above are dependent on factors beyond our control, such as weather conditions and other impediments. They shall be promptly replaced with activities of a similar nature and impact. Other activities not listed may also be included, when adequate for the group of participants.

Specific Goals:

  • To provide leisure, fun moments;
  • Developing human relationships based on solidarity between participants;
  • Stimulating inter-personal engagement between kids/children/youngsters
  • To captivate and raise awareness of cultural and environmental activities;
  • Occupational activities for children / youngsters, giving them unforgettable summer vacations;
  • To stimulate kids with local cultural activities and sports activities;
  • To develop artistic expression, drama and musical sensitivities that stem from the cultural riches of this particular area;
  • To showcase places of historical and cultural relevance;
  • To create awareness and care for the Historical and natural Heritage of Portugal.
  • Raising awareness for teamwork, both in small and large groups.


The price for this activity is 325€ per participant with the possibility of paying until 3 months

Payments methods accepted are bank transfer and bank checks endorsed to Pranima.

Enrollment should be done in Online Enrollment

For more informations contact us:

Pranima Office: +351 213 420 904

Pranima Email:

Pranima Site:

General Coordination:  João Rodrigues

João Mobile Phone : +351 912 747 126


Programa Tipo Quinta da Escola

Download do Programa:

 Apresentação Colónia Quinta da Escola


Camper Information:

Shift (Campo obrigatório)
 1º Shift: 02/07 a 08/07
 2º Shift: 09/07 a 15/07
 3º Shift: 16/07 a 22/07
 4º Shift: 23/07 a 29/07
 5º Shift: 30/07 a 05/08
 6º Shift: 06/08 a 12/08
 7º Shift: 13/08 a 19/08
 8º Shift: 20/08 a 26/08
 9º Shift: 27/08 a 02/09

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